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The Tutor Shop Q and A

  • What separates The Tutor Shop from other after school programs? Unlike other after school programs that function mainly as a sitting service, The Tutor Shop is an academic based, after school alternative located in your school with degreed teachers whose main focus is to help children complete homework, study for tests, including Milestones test prep, complete class assignments, and help with remedial or enrichment work before you pick your child up from school each day!
  • How often and when/where does The Tutor Shop conduct its program? Our program operates in your school, five days a week, Monday through Friday, from 2:30pm up until as late as 6:30pm.
  • Are the students grouped together by grade? Students are grouped by grade, either by table or by classroom depending on the size of the class.
  • What, if any, additional components are included? In addition to getting your children's homework, test studying, Milestones test prep, and classwork assignments completed, other components like art, technology, organization skills, study skills and more are included at no extra cost.
  • Is there daily physical activity? Yes, our teachers take the students outside for physical activity for 30 minutes usually at the beginning of each session weather permitting. If time permits, additional physical activity may occur as well.
  • Do you provide supplemental exercises above & beyond homework? For example, if my child needs multiplication help, do you offer extra work to aid in learning? Yes! We can help students with remediation or enrichment as needed, plus we provide each student with Spectrum curriculum workbooks to further support their own ongoing curriculum.
  • Can your teachers communicate with my child's teacher? Yes, as long as you give us permission, our teachers and your child's teacher can communicate  through your child's agenda with regard to any issues or suggestions that may help them progress.  
  • I want to enroll my child in The Tutor Shop, but they  are already enrolled in another program. How can I get out of the one I'm in now? Most after school programs only require a two week notice to cancel. Plus, if you send us your cancelation notice from the other program, well wave or refund your registration fee ($40). Contact Hal Eisenberg at: hal@tutorshops.com for any additional questions about this.
  • How do we enroll our children and what are our payment options? The enrollment process is easy! From the Home page, click on the red box that reads “Book Online” or choose “View Classes” on this page. Then choose the school that your children are attending from the pull down menu. From there, simply choose the package you are interested in, Monthly, Semester, or Annual and click, "Add to Cart".  And when you purchase more than one package, you will automatically receive our 5% sibling discount! We accept MasterCard, Visa, or American Express.
  • What grade levels does your after school program include? Our grade levels include Kindergarten through 5th grade.
  • For any other questions, please contact Hal Eisenberg at: hal@tutorshops.com

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